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Google Accessibility Team collaborated with SCAD to develop artifacts to educate Google’s staff on

designing for inclusivity and showcase the tremendous impacts of inclusive design.

Project Duration

01.06.20 - 03.04.20
Ten Weeks

Team Members

15 creatives from
10 majors

My Role

Research Lead

UX Design


01 - Challenges


How might we convince product teams to pilot an inclusive design project?

Constraints on Google:

  • Rapid Buy-in

  • Cost & Competing Priorities

  • Recognizing Exclusion

Constraints on SCAD teams:

  • Fully Virtual Course

  • Communication

02 - Research

The team divided the larger challenge into three drivers: leadership, grassroots, and organization. I led a team of 5 designers to survey and interview CEOs and product managers to learn how inclusive was understand from the leadership level. Overall, the team conducted 18 interviews through video calls, gather over 120 survey responses which gave us over 816 data points to analyze.

Google_SCADpro_ProcessBook (1) 36.png
Google_SCADpro_ProcessBook (1) 33.png

Leadership Research Conclusion (Team 1)

Research Summary


Affinitization on Miro

03 - Insights


Stories and Datas

​Emotions from stories play a key role in order to get people’s interest in inclusive design. However, it has to be followed by actual data and numbers that connect directly to the team existing OKRs/goals


Lack of Resources

Inclusive design information can be broad and conceptual which lead to confusion when Google employees want to research on inclusive design.

flame copy.png


Teams don’t often feel motivated to start inclusive design projects or stay motivated throughout. Lack of motivation is caused by not aware of inclusive design application within the context of the team

04 - Final Solution

Google Reach@4x.png

Google Reach is an inclusive design incubator centered around empowering and amplifying the voices of “unheard” users as well as provide Google designers seamless access to inclusive design information. This huge goal will be achieved through a series of products ReachMe Hub, Videos, and Reach Everyday

Asset 11@4x.png

System Flow Chart

During the final prototype development. I was responsible for materializing ReachMe Hub – the "front page" of Google Reach.

Google Reach / #ReachMe

ReachMe is a movement that gives a platform for unheard stories through implemented reminders, videos, and multiple plug-ins.

Google Reach / ReachMe Hub

ReachMe Hub can be utilized to share and store touching stories from real users across the world. This hub is available to both Google designers and the general public, acting as a channel of communication and connection to embody the values of inclusive design.

Home Landing Page

Story Bank

Google_SCADpro_ProcessBook (1) 97.png
Google_SCADpro_ProcessBook (1) 98.png
Google_SCADpro_ProcessBook (1) 99.png

Upload Your Video

Google Reach /

ReachMe Videos

ReachMe videos bring those stories to life and allow Googlers to connect with excluded individuals on a personal level: their struggles, suggestions, and dream ideas. Each video ends with statistics that show how this one person’s struggles are faced by many.

Kellie's Story, one out of seven real stories we organized

Google Reach /

ReachMe Everyday

Reach Everyday is an internal chrome plug-in that seamlessly integrates with an employee’s workday to provide inclusive design learning experience. The plug-in achieves that by providing handy snippets of inclusive design information on

every new tab that is opened.

ReachMe Everyday Demo

Collection Cards


Top Quiz

Daily Topics


Googler's Stories

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